What is Bloom?

Bloom Birth Concierge offers comprehensive and unbiased support to all families in Pittsburgh and the surrounding communities as they plan for and prepare to expand their families.  We work with each client to put together an individualized package that best supports their needs. From childbirth education to labor and postpartum support, let us help you make the most of this precious time.  Bloom Birth Concierge is proud to be an inclusive agency supporting all family types and all birth philosophies.

What makes Bloom different?

When you choose Bloom Birth Concierge, you receive so much more than just a class or consultation.  At Bloom, our goal is to deliver all of the support and education you seek in a neatly-packaged, one-of-a-kind experience.  


Bloom's classes, consultations, and support services provide you with helpful information and tools to make your transition to parenthood a confident one - no matter what your journey entails. And a solid relationship with our secondary service provider, Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh, means that hiring the right birth doula can be stress-free and seamless.

Our educators bring with them many years of experience and various certifications. All are current, or recently active, birth doulas in the Pittsburgh area, having served hundreds of families at every available birthing facility. We take our teachings seriously because we have seen firsthand the value of a well-informed family.

Meet Bethany & Katie

Bethany Brown


Katie Hyre


**Please check with your health insurance company to find out if childbirth education classes are covered by your plan.**

Bloom Birth Concierge

Bloom Birth Concierge provides comprehensive childbirth education, prenatal and postpartum support, lactation counseling, and placenta encapsulation in the Pittsburgh area.

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