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Infant Massage with Vanessa Keech Doherty (Date, Time & Location TBD)

The five-week course is designed for parents/caregivers and their infants to one year of age. The course is one hour long, once a week for 5 weeks.


During the class, families will learn Infant Massage using the International Infant Massage protocol as well as massage for relief of Colic and Gas. Class discussions will review infant development, the benefits of infant massage, bonding, exercises to help baby's coordination and muscle development, as well as relaxation exercises for parents. Oil and handouts will be provided.attachment and


Benefits of Infant Massage: 


For Infants:

  • Improved appetite and weight gain

  • Muscle tone development

  • Improves sleep cycles and routines

  • Release of pent up gas and aids in digestion

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Reduces stress hormone levels

  • Improves Immune system function


For Parents:

  • Promotes bonding and attachment

  • Promotes lactation in breast feeding mothers

  • Increases confidence in parenting


Participants should bring: 

  • A pillow or Boppy for the baby 

  • A receiving blanket or other warm blanket 

  • Yourself and Infant

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