Private Services

Private Childbirth Education

Our certified Childbirth Educators will meet you where you are to make sure you get the information you need, in your home and on your schedule. Whether you're looking for a full childbirth series, just a refresher, VBAC information, or any combination of the above - we've got you covered! Your classes will be customized to meet your needs and consist of 2-8 hours (or more!) of private instruction with your educator. Classes start at $175.

Private One-Day Thoughtful Birth Intensive

Your time is valuable! This custom 6 hour in-home course is offered on Saturdays or Sundays and is designed to cover the same necessities as a series, but in one longer session so you still have your nights free for baby prep or dinners out. The Private Intensive is offered for $500.

Prenatal Consultations

During our prenatal consultations, we will help you discover what is important to you for your labor and delivery. Working through your own birth vision, your hopes, your concerns, and the experiences you bring with you, we will help you devise a personalized plan for your labor and birth. These consultations work to build your confidence, encourage you to advocate for yourself, and give you the tools to pursue a positive birth experience. You will meet with one of our doulas for two 2-hour sessions prenatally.  The total cost for prenatal consultations is $200.

Virtual Birth Doula Support

If having a doula present at your birth is ideal, this is the next best thing. Via phone, email, and Skype, you will have access to a doula throughout your pregnancy, labor and birth. Use this opportunity to get your most important questions answered, determine when and if labor is starting, how to handle early labor at home, when to go to your place of birth, and what to do once you get there.  The fee for this support is a flat rate of $500.

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